We became 1 of 8 winners for the Autonomous Award at the FIRST Robotics World Championships in 2023 (Awards tab in the link)! 3,286 teams competed at FIRST Robotics in 2023. We ranked 13 out of 77 in 1 of 8 division at the Worlds. Would you like to see our robot in action at the Worlds? It is the 2930 of the blue alliance in this 3-minute video.

We ranked 1 of 32 at the 2023 WA Girls Generation competition and won the final!

Our team 2930's alliance won at the off-season 2023 PNW (Pacific Northwest) Block Party on 10/29/2023! Additionally, we were the only club that both main team (2930) and sub team (9999) went to the final. It is amazing, considering Team 9999 robot was designed for and went through the 2022 World Championship.

We could not be so successful without our sponsors, mentors, parents, fans, and other supporters. Thank you!!!

Are you interested in cheering us? Here is our support/donation link. Any type of support, such as supplies, space, volunteering, monetary donation, is appreciated. Or just shout "1, 2, skip a few, 29 30!"

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Team 2930 on the floor in Houston, TX with the Autonomous Award Team 2930 Girls Gen winning drive team Team 2930 and sub-team 9999, the winners and finalists at PNW Block Party.