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In light of the coronavirus, the Sonic Squirrels are supporting a local volunteer group in 3D printing parts for NIH-approved personal protective equipment (PPE) for fire, hospitals, airlift companies, and more. The printed parts can be sterilized and reused. The organizers of the group have the clear sheets already and they sterilize the PPE parts that you donate. Anyone in the local area can join their printing campaign by joining their Facebook group.

If you are a Squirrel Family and wish to join this effort, please contact Susan Dole at She will help keep track of your filament use for reimbursement and coordinate pickup of what you print.


Facebook Group Name is “North Seattle/South Snohomish COVID-19 PPE builders group”. Collection and distribution of printed items and medical equipment is local.

The Verkstan 3D Print that the FB Group is using – NIH approved for medical use.

File Name


GoFundMe for this project – please share on your social media



The Sonic Squirrels are also aware that many families are making non-medical masks for personal use or for donation to organizations of all types (grocery, childcare, medical care, front line and essential workers.) 

A design for a two layer, 100% cotton, pleated mask with elastic ear bands or fabric ties.

The Patterns and Instructions for the Providence 100 Million Pleated Mask project

A Two Layer, 100% cotton, SHAPED mask that is more complex to sew but more comfortable for some.

A local Seattle-area Mask Making Group on Facebook “Stop the Bug Gratitude Masks” – lots of tips & videos

Thank you for contributing to this effort! The Sonic Squirrels FRC 2930

First Teams for Food Lifeline GoFundMe: