The Sonic Squirrels 2930 robotics team is part of FIRST Robotics, which combines the excitement of competitive sports with the tremendous opportunities to develop STEM skills under the guidance of professional engineering and business volunteer mentors. Our team fosters well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. Students on our team learn and apply vital workforce skills, including, engineering, programming, computer-aided drafting and design, marketing , graphic design, website development, business planning, and fundraising skills. Our team designs and builds robots based on an annually themed challenge under strict rules, limited resources, and tight time constraints. In the off season, we spend time in the community working with others at STEM related events.

FIRST Robotics Team 2930 strives to inspire members to become leaders in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business, in an enthusiastic and encouraging environment. The team actively reaches out to the community, striving to inspire all youth to develop a passion for STEM and inspiring people of all ages to become involved in FIRST. As active member of our community, we strive to positively impact society through service to others.

Our Mission Statement: Have Fun! Build Fun! Be Fun!

Have Fun:Have fun learning, teaching, and experiencing.

Build Fun:Build up other teams and a good working environment in which we build a robot as well as many other aspects of our team.  

Be Fun: Be fun and spirited people.

Contact us at

[email protected]